Inquire About Mazda's Availability to Speak at Your Event

Looking to connect with a successful businesswoman with more than a decade of experience as an entrepreneur? Interested in learning from a woman who built her multi-million dollar company from the ground up during one of the most difficult economic downturns?  Looking for someone who keeps it all the way real while pulling the best out of you and helping you plug into your purpose to get the results you always imagined but never attained?  


Mazda Miles is the Founder & Chief Event Strategist of Perfection Events, an award-winning events firm.  For more than a decade, this savvy event planner and producer of dope and unforgettable experiences has been the go-to gal for executives and decision makers accountable for delivering strategic objectives that communicate intended messaging, enhance brand identity and attain tangible results. 


Known for being a results fanatic, Mazda is also a professional fire starter! She excites, incites and inspires women to challenge, chase, and catch their dreams and WIN.