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Early on in my career, I remembered feeling like I had to keep all of the things that made me unique in separate, neat, little boxes. For some reason, I had this idea in my head that if all of those boxes were to open and combine I would somehow spontaneously combust, or worse, people just wouldn’t get me.

One day I woke up and decided I was going to be all of the things I was created to be all at the same time. And chile, let me tell you when I finally took the limits off of myself I ignited the most beautiful flame and it’s been burning ever since! 


That’s why I started calling myself a professional firestarter. 


Whether I was producing multi-million dollar events, concocting healing teas, mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, or talking about African spirituality on Tik Tok, I was always helping others ignite that same flame within themselves. 


I’m Mazda Miles and I’m a professional firestarter. I’m here to help you strike the first match.

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Burn baby, burn!

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01. Speaking


Get ready to turn up because Mazda Miles is known for turning pep talks into pep rallies. With a knack for inspiring entrepreneurial women and boss girls, Mazda is a sought-after keynote speaker who helps your audience plug into their purpose to get the results they’ve always imagined but never attained.  

02.  Spirtual Work


Mazda has served her community spiritually for more than 20 years and has leveraged social media as the catalyst to expand her reach, providing private consultations and group sessions. She answered the call to guide those seeking truth beyond the confines of colonized religion to the glory of God and in honor of their ancestors. Book a spiritual consultation with me!




Mazda Miles’ new interactive journal,  That’s Love, A 10-Day Journey to Profound Love, guides you through the process of exploring self-love from a practical perspective. That’s Love is inspired by the Bible’s “Love Chapter” but can be enjoyed by all, regardless of your spiritual or religious preference. It’s the basic human principles of love that guides us on this journey!


      WELLNESS                       PRODUCTS

Mazda uses her practical knowledge of healing herbs and plants, along with guidance from her ancestors, to create healing herbal remedies.

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